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Originaly Published 5-16-06 Archived 10-2-06

Good Day to Everyone!

Before I get started "Talking", I want to announce the creation of our "Stitching & Talking" Archives. There will be a link at the bottom of this page to take you to previous pages of "Stitching & Talking". It seems some customers like to look back on older publications of this page. Right now there is only one page in the archives, but in the future all the subjects covered here will be in the Archives.

Well here it is May 16! Yesterday was my birthday! Yes, I still have those every year. I prefer not to have them, but everyone keeps reminding me when the time rolls around!!

It's incredible to me that I have just turned "60". My body isn't so great any more, but my mind still doesn't believe that I am past 40!!

Somehow, the years have just snuck past me without so much as a "by your leave". I really love the "stage" of life at which I am currently living. . . more relaxed, less stressed, ready to move to a wonderful countryside location.

Yet, I can't help but wonder, where did all those years go???

I am redoing all our picture albums so I can get all the little thoughts and comments down with the pictures for my kids. I am really enjoying the whole process as I look at the different ages of the kids, my husband and myself. Sometimes I laugh out loud by myself and sometimes shed a tear as I go through the pictures and remember certain details of certain pictures.

I am also getting our family history together. All this I am doing so I can leave my "house" organized for my kids.

It is so interesting to see all the family that went before me, to see what they did, where they lived and who their families were. I also wonder, as I stare in amazement at the age of some of my foremothers . . . 14, 15, 16; what did they think at that time, were they worried about their weight, how their hair looked, their dresses???

Wouldn't it be great if I could somehow get into their brain and listen for their thoughts!!

One of my beloved aunts died last year. She had no children, she never married. She stayed at home with her father, my grandfather, as a "spinster". When she died, her property and everything in it went to my cousins, who helped care for her in her old age.

My cousin called one day to say that she had found an old ledger written by our grandfather and she wanted me to have it. She, my cousin, wanted to give it to me because it had such historical significance. Since I had become the family historian, of sorts, she was going to give it to me. I was raised in California, so I had little contact with my grandfather except for the times we went on vacation or when I exchanged letters with him. He was quite a character!

Getting this ledger in his handwriting was like getting gold. I am still going through it to see what is inscribed there. It takes a long time to read because my Spanish is a little rusty and the writing is starting to fade. It's like reaching back through the years and touching someone who is long gone many years ago. What a great treasure my cousin has given me!

I wondered yesterday, my birthday, what will my kids, grandkids think of their Grandma? Will they remember fondly? Will they enjoy my stories and my comments?

Now I am babbling again; I hope you have enjoyed our visit and my story wasn't too long!

See you next month, I'll be here . . . Stitching and Talking,


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