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Good Day to Everyone!

As I mentioned on the front page of our website, we are preparing for the wedding of my oldest daughter on Saturday, October 7, 2006.

My husband and I have 5 children and three of them are married. The three children either did not have an elaborate wedding or we were not on the organizing side of the wedding.

Although, I did make the wedding dress for my oldest son's wife. I was still not as involved in the day to day goings on of a wedding.

My oldest daughter wanted to have a small uncomplicated wedding. So she set about planning it as such.

My own wedding, as I recall, was large . . . 300 guests, 4 bridesmaids, 4 ushers, 1 best man, 1 maid of honour, 1 ring bearer, 1 flower girl and 1 Jr. bridesmaid.

My only sibling, brother's wedding was tremendously large. About the same number of guests, but add 3 more bridesmaids and ushers and at that time I was the Jr. bridesmaid. My mother and father's wedding was large also, the whole small town was family!

So as you can see, we always have large weddings! Needless to say, when my daughter announced her engagement and soon to follow wedding (6 months after the engagement); I assumed it was to be a big affair!

Yay! A big party!

Nope, small garden party. As the arrangements progressed, I noticed how beautiful it was going to be.

I had been to many weddings in my lifetime. Small weddings at a home, large weddings in cathedrals and medium weddings in hotels. But, never a garden wedding.

My daughter has planned everything down to the smallest detail. This is the last week to finish up the planning. Next Saturday is the wedding. I am so excited, from what I have seen, and I haven't seen everything, it is going to be very beautiful.

I will let you know what happens and hopefully post some pictures.

Now I am babbling again; I hope you have enjoyed our visit and my story wasn't too long!

See you next month, I'll be here . . . Stitching and Talking,


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