Our Chat phone service is shutting down. But, you can still contact us by email and landline phone.

We are currently seeking a new service and will announce when it is in place.


We are using a real time quote from the United States Post Office. In other words, this is a quote straight from the post office!

It adds the total weight purchased and charges by the location chosen in your information input. At the moment we use only United States Post Office for shipping. Although this is an automated system, all orders will be manually checked for accuracy on shipping costs. If there is a difference found, you will be notified of any additional cost before shipment of product.

We find this procedure necessary in light of recent errors in shipping costs quoted. This manual checking will continue until the cause of these errors are resolved.

We now have First Class for packages weighing 13 ozs. and less. If your package qualifies, you will see the First Class category available in the drop down menu when you calculate shipping. If it's not showing, your package weighs more than 13ozs.

All weights have been adjusted to read ounces instead of just pounds. If your order total weight is 14 ozs. or over, the quote from the US Post Office will appear with choices for Parcel Post or Priority only. If the total weight is 13 ozs. and under it will show the First Class option also. It's all automatic, according to the total weight of your order.

As always, if the amounts for shipping are more than the actual costs for shipping your order; we will notify you and refund the difference to you via Paypal.

If you have any questions regarding our shipping, please email us by Clicking here.


For a short period of time we do not have international order shipping to select on the shipping menu from the U.S. Post Office. We are working on adding this to our shipping prices. We will let you know when it will be available. You can get a shipping quote from us for an international order. After you have made your selections, give us a jingle on boldchat or write us an email with your request. We will respond with your shipping costs asap. Please do not place an order through Paypal and use the amounts quoted from the Post Office. The International aspect of our website is not yet up and running.

Every country has some restrictions on what merchandise we can ship to that country. So please be patient while we ascertain these restrictions. We will let you know if there are any restrictions and/or requirements before finalizing your order. For instance we were unable to send batting to Italy because of import restrictions. It may help you if you ask your local post office if there are any restrictions on the items that you wish to purchase.

Any duties levied by the country shipped to, is the responsibility of the buyer. Please make sure you are aware before you order. We want your shopping experience to be a pleasant affair.

We accept payment only in US dollars at this time.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email your questions.

Thank you,

We Accept the following forms of payment:

Personal Check by Regular Mail
Product will be shipped when check clears.



You can use your credit cards with Paypal
You don't have to be a member to use Paypal.

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