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Archived 11-15-07

Good Day to Everyone!

Well, the wedding is over and it was beautiful! My daughter decorated the garden with candles hanging from the trees and "luminarias". Luminarias are candles placed into a paper bag that has sand at the bottom of the bag to stablize it. "Luminarias" are a very old tradition in New Mexico for the holidays. The garden is very beautiful in its regular state, but add some tulle, ribbon and candles and it becomes a fairy tale garden. The effect of the candles in the evening was spectacular! Very beautifully done.

With the wedding over, we dove right into the holidays! What a busy ending to the year! Getting ready for the holidays after a wedding, no matter how small, was a busy time.

I love the holidays. Everything is so brightly lit and decorated. It seems nowadays that Christmas decorations go up earlier than ever before. By the last week in October the decorations were starting to go up all over town. It seemed kind of wierd to see Xmas decorations and cards being sold at the same time as the Halloween costumes and pumpkins.

I remember Halloween! What a fun time for children! The anticipation at school -- waiting till you could put your costume on for the big parade around the school yard. Looking at others to compare if they had a costume better than yours. Going to the Halloween festival and playing the gold fish bowl game. You knew you were just going to win a new gold fish. And all those scrumptious treats that you could get at the food booths. And of course, the best of all -- the haunted house!

The haunted house was made in an empty classroom with parents of students acting as the "monsters" and "ghouls". Reaching out to you with "bloody hands" or green hands. We always went in with a buddy we could hold on to. Never go in alone! Too Scary!! It all was pretty innocent fun!

My brother and husband have told me about their escapades growing up in small towns. I grew up in Los Angeles, so I never had these experiences.

They both recount the stories about Halloween and running around tipping over the "out houses". Once, I don't remember who, someone got together with his buddies, picked up a calf from their farm and deposited on top of the mayor's roof!!

Needless to say, the mayor was upset and called the local Sheriff to come and remove the animal. Hilarious innocent fun!

We are now starting a new year and another round of holidays! I wish to extend the best New Year for all of you and your familyies. May you all be blessed in all you do. Now it's time to get back to quilting!!

I hope you have enjoyed our visit and my story wasn't too long!

See you next month, I'll be here . . . Stitching and Talking,


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