Our Chat phone service is shutting down. But, you can still contact us by email and landline phone.

We are currently seeking a new service and will announce when it is in place.

How to Order

Order with confidence on a secure page.

1. You can use your Credit Cards, Debit Card with or without Paypal.

WITH PAYPAL--When you have finished selecting your order, select Payment by Paypal and you will be directed to their page for payment.

You no longer have to sign up with Paypal in order to use their credit card services.

2. WITHOUT PAYPAL--Select "Credit Card" and you can use our SSL secure page to enter your credit card information. This order comes immediately to us. We then use our Secure Terminal from Propay to process your order. We will email you an additional acknowledgement of your order when it has been processed.

3. OR, if you still don't wish to put your credit card information on the internet, you can select your items and then select the option of "Mail Card Info". Print a copy of your order and mail a copy of your order and your credit card info to us by regular mail.  We will notify you when we receive your "snail mail" letter and process the order at that time. Please remember to write your Shopper ID No. on your letter. We must have the Shopper ID number to correctly credit your payment.

Another option is:

4. "Call me for Card info". We will call on the phone and take your Card information over the phone, and process your order.

5. If you don't wish to use credit cards, you can select the option "I'll mail check or m.o.". When we receive your check or m.o., we will process your order and notify you of the shipment date by email. Please remember to write your Shopper ID no. on your check or money order for proper processing of your order.

If you have any questions on the options above, please give us a call or send an email.

With all these methods, please remember to print a copy of your order for your records.

We only accept international orders if paid through Paypal.
You will not be able to place an international order through the website.
Once you have deicded on the items that you wish to purchase, send us an email listing the items, your name and shipping address.
When we receive your email, with the above information, we will send you an invoice through Paypal listing your item information and your shipping address.
Once you pay the invoice through Paypal, we will be notified of payment by Paypal and we will process your order.
You can choose any payment option through Paypal.


Merchandise Refund:

If the customer is not happy with the quality of the merchandise, we will accept return of the merchandise and refund their money, minus shipping costs, as soon as merchandise is received in our office. Customer must pay return shipping charges. All refunds will be made via Paypal.

Merchandise returns must be approved and will not be accepted without pre-approval, which must be requested by the customer by email within 10 days of shipment date.

When requesting "Return Merchandise Approval, please include in your email:

1. Your shopper ID number-should be on packing slip included with merchandise and on your order receipt;

2. Name of item that is being returned, cost of item;

3. Your name, address and telephone number that was on your order.

After we have received this information, we will contact you by email regarding the merchandise return.

We understand that packages must be opened to view some types of merchandise or test, i.e. mini-iron. We can not accept merchandise return if the products are damaged, i.e. fabric sewn and then ripped out; or altered in any way, i.e. made smaller than shipped, parts cut off, etc.

Please make sure that the product meets your expectations before sewing them. If you don't like the color or the size or its not what you expected, please return immediately and we will refund your money, minus shipping charges, via Paypal.

When we ship items, they are in good condtion; therefore, we are not responsible for damage caused during shipment. But, we will replace these items, if damage is caused by shipping, after items are returned to us.

Shipping Charges:

We have always tried to charge fairly on the shipping charges. We will only charge the exact shipping charges after your items have been shipped.

If you have been quoted, in your order receipt, more shipping charges than we needed to ship your items, you will be notified of any changes in the shipping charge before we charge your card.

If you have prepaid through Paypal, we will notify you of the difference and refund the difference through Paypal.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We Accept the following forms of payment:

Personal Check by Regular Mail
Product will be shipped when check clears.



You can use your credit cards with Paypal
You don't have to be a member to use Paypal.

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