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An Editorial by Aveli

Thanksgiving, 2007

Welcome Everyone!

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, I want to wish you all a safe, warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

Most of us will be journeying either long or short distances to be with relatives and friends at this most wonderful holiday. We are traveling to Albuquerque to be with my youngest daughter and her family. My oldest son and oldest daughter are in California.

I love this holiday because it transcends all the barriers that we manifest during the rest of the year. It is a very personal holiday and about what we are thankful for.

I remember my parents making such a grand feast for Thanksgiving. Turkey, of course, gravy, mashed potatoes, candied yams,jello with fruit and cream cheese, various vegetables, stuffing, fruit ambrosia, fresh baked biscuits,etc,etc,etc. Oh! don't forget desert!!! Freshly baked pumpkin pie, apple pie banana cream pie, gingerbread loaf, and more, yum yum!

My mouth is watering just remembering all the goodies, as my mother called the baked goods. OH yes!! I forgot my favorite -- fudge! Scrumptious, melt in your mouth, home made fudge. That was my childhood favorite -- alas, I can not eat it the way I did then because of diabetes. Oh, but it was so good and creamy!

When I was little I used to ask my mom why there was so much food if there were only a few people to eat. Usually it was only my parents, my brother, his wife and me! Occasionally, we would get together with my sister in law's family. Then, it would be a real party! Beside my parents and myself, there would be my brother, his wife, her two parents, her brother and his wife and their 4 kids!

It was then that we brought out the card table and sat the 4 kids at the "kids table" I always sat at the adult table because I was "older" than them by 4 years.

Well, whether we joined my sister in law's family or not, my mom made the most food I have ever seen for the holiday. Her answer to my question was that even though we knew there only the 5 of us for dinner, she wanted to be prepared in case there was a drop in guest! Invariably, there always was a drop in guest or guests. These were close cousins of my mother or father that lived in California. Most of my parents relatives were in New Mexico.

They always seem to know when dinner was ready and they would always come "just in time" as my mother would say.

Of course, they were always welcomed with a warm smile and a rush to set another place or two by my mother and sister in law. And always a warm welcome, hearty handshake and an exuberant "Bienvenidos! Entren, Entren! Sientase a la sena!" (Welcome! Come in, Come in!, Sit at our dinner!) by my father -- all the while his face radiating this wonderful warm smile!

Thanksgiving! I, being a little child, was always grateful that my mother and father had enough food for all these people that always showed up on Thanksgiving! Now days, I have much loftier Thanksgiving wishes . . .that everyone be safe in their travels, everyone be healthy and of course that there be enough food for everyone that shows up!

I hope you have enjoyed our visit and my story wasn't too long!

See you next month, I'll be here . . . Stitching and Talking,


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