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Gift Certificates

Buying Gift Certificates is a 2 Step Process. All gift certificates are in multiples of $5.00. If you wish to give $25.00 Certificate, then enter 5 in the selection box. Remember the shipping will be deducted from the gift certificate amount.

To buy a gift certificate worth:

$5.00 enter 1 and click on "Add to Cart" button;
$10.00 enter 2; $15.00 enter 3;
$20.00 enter 4; $25.00 enter 5;
$30.00 enter 6; $35.00 enter 7;
$40.00 enter 8; $45.00 enter 9;
$50.00 enter 10; $55.00 enter 11;
$60.00 enter 12; $65.00 enter 13;
$70.00 enter 14; $75.00 enter 15;
$80.00 enter 16; $85.00 enter 17;
$90.00 enter 18; $95.00 enter 19;
$100.00 enter 20 then click on "Add to Cart" button

1. Enter the amount of the Gift Certificate. Click on the "Add to Cart" button. If you are purchasing gfits for more than one person, please fill out a separate form for each person.

2. Pay for it! When filling out information for payment, The shipping address should be the recipient of the Gift Certificate. That is where we will mail the card with your sentiments.

After you pay for it, you will get a receipt for your payment. If purchasing for more than one person , after you pay for the first one and receive a receipt, please go back and enter the next one on a separate form. One form per one person only. You can include your sentiment in the space provided for "special requests or comments". Remember to state for which occasion the gift certificate is being sent.

The person receiving the gift certificate will receive a note card that includes your sentiment; what ever you want to say (no x-rated language); and instructions on how to redeem the certificate.

Remaining Gift certificate amounts can not be refunded after redemption. Remaining amounts will be held as credits toward future purchases.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, plese email us before purchasing the certificate.

Please allow 5-10 days for delivery of this certificate. If close to major holidays where mail is heavy, please allow additional time.

REMEMBER! Shipping charges which apply to products bought with this gift will be deducted from the total amount of the Gfit Certificate at time of redemption. For example, Gift Certificate total $35.00, products purchased total $29.00, shipping $6.00 = $35.00 Total of Gift Certificate. (This is only an idea of a breakdown, these are not real quotes.)

Multiples of $5.00 Gift Certificate

We Accept the following forms of payment:

Personal Check by Regular Mail
Product will be shipped when check clears.



You can use your credit cards with Paypal
You don't have to be a member to use Paypal.

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